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Darius was a Companion Cats' rescue kitten adopted by Sharleen.
Companion Cats is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of volunteers. Our mission is to spay or neuter un-owned cats to reduce overpopulation, thus ending the suffering of abandoned and homeless cats living on the streets.

.....Once spayed our goal is to place them in an environment that best fits each cat. This method provides the most humane living situation possible. Both friendly and feral alike deserve the perfect forever home. If the cat is not very friendly but is homeless, perhaps this means being a "Barn Buddy" or being introduced into a controlled colony. If feral kittens are found, it might mean living in a volunteer foster care home where they can be socialized until old enough to be tested for FIV & FeLV, spayed and vaccinated prior to adoption.

Adoption Events . . .
On a daily basis Companion Cats has a select few adoptable cats on site in the adoption center at PETCO of Battle Creek, MI (12765 Harper Village Drive, next to Best Buy.)

Saturday Adoption Events at PETCO of Battle Creek, MI (12765 Harper Village Drive, next to Best Buy.) Some additional adoptable cats & kittens will be there as well. Times may vary.

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More about Companion Cats

While our main goal is to spay or neuter un-owned cats, the Companion Cats' spay/neuter clinic is also a no-kill shelter licensed through the State of Michigan. Unfortunately, like most shelters, our space is very limited. While we do offer shelter for un-owned friendly cats and kittens waiting for new homes, we can only take additional cats as space allows. Please be aware, we do have a long waiting list at this time. To be added to the waiting list please call 269-753-5594 and leave a detailed message.

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The advantages of adopting a rescue cat: While there is no up-front fee for a "free to good home" kitten, typically that free kitten also has no vaccinations, has not been tested for FeLV or FIV and has not been spayed or neutered. The average cost of testing alone is $50+. Companion Cats' adoption fee is $75, which includes being tested, vaccinated and fixed. We can also tell you a lot about each cat's personality, including likes and dislikes, temperament, etc.
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We're Special In So Many Ways
A few of our cats are considered "special needs", meaning they are less adoptable than most. They may have special dietary needs, they may be seniors, black cats, have special physical limitations, medical needs, require daily medication, or simply have a bit of "Cat-titude", but each cat will certainly make a loving companion and they are special in their own unique way.